Upcoming Gigs:





20180209 Dj Eargoggle  Nis, Serbia TBC
20180210 Dj Eargoggle London. Hypnotic Tango

20180302 Dj Eargoggle Glasgow. Scotland.

20180303 DATAMAGI Gothenburg Electro Club
20180324 Dj Eargoggle Milano Orbiter Crew
20180330 USA/CANADA TOUR DATES TBA. March April Tour.

20180427 Dj Eargoggle Hamburg Golden Pudel Club TBA
20180519 Dj Eargoggle Juan Atkins etc Lyon France
20180601 Dj Eargoggle. Lost Control Manchester
20180615 Dj Eargoggle Croatia

More dates coming sooooooooon. TBC!

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Past Gigs:

20171028 DJ Eargoggle Stilleben/Börft Night.Gothenburg City
20171022 DJ Eargoggle Dallas, Festival. More info soon!

20171103 DJ Eargoggle Northampton UK.TBC
20171111 Dj Eargoggle Kan3da OSLO Norway
20171118 DJ Eargoggle EverGreen Part 2. Gothenburg
20171125 Dj Eargoggle BUNKER RECORDS 25 years. Den Haag

20171104 Dj Eargoggle/Piers Martin Cocadisco London TBC
20171205 Dj EArgoggle Dj Madrid Spain
20171209 DATAMAGI/Bday Electro Rottweiler Klubb Gothenburg.
Vero, Rutherford, Inkinen, Faceless Mind, Kuldaboli
20171223 Dj Eargoggle. LUDD @ Pustervik / Gothenburg

20170812 Dj Eargoggle Technobastun Stockholm

20170922 DJ Eargoggle Milano
20170923 DJ Eargoggle Dresden
20170924 Dj Eargoggle Berlin
20171004 Dj Eargoggle Gothenburg. LUDD club

20170720 DJ Eargoggle Berlin, Talking Machines

20161007 Dj Eargoggle, Golem, Hamburg

20161022 Dj Eargoggle Datamagi, Databahn Gothenburg
20161125 Dj Eargoggle, Moscow Russia.

20161126 Dj Eargoggle, St Petersburg Russia

20161203 Dj Eargoggle Vernisage Gothenburg.
20161208 Dj Eargoggle, Brillo, Stockholm
2016/17  Dj Eargoggle, NYE Party in Helsinki, Club Äänniwalli
20170217 Dj Eargoggle, London

20170401 Dj Eargoggle, BÖRFT 30 years! Frak (Live), Malmö
20170422 Dj Eargoggle Zagreb.
20170414 Dj Eargoggle Kiev
20170415 Dj Eargoggle Minsk

20170428 Dj Eargoggle Berlin
20170429 Dj Eargoggle Hull City. North Atlantic Flux
20170513 Dj Eargoggle Ever Green Gothenburg, Day session!
20170609 Dj Eargoggle / Gothenburg / Göteborgs Konsthall

201706-07 Dj Eargoggle Mini Tour. Tbc. June / July
23/6 New York City
30/6 Toronto
7/7Los Angeles
9/7San Fransisco

20160115 Dj Eargoggle Datamagi Night @ Folk GÖteborg

20160305 DATAMAGI Göteborg Tba.

20160325 Dj Eargoggle Datamagi Night @ UnderBron Stockholm
20160409 Live Eargoggle, Rutherford, Rude66 + More. Berlin / Grießmühle TBC

20160401 Dj Eargoggle Studio 672 Cologne
20160505 Dj Eargoggle Venue Düsseldorf
20160528 Dj Eargoggle St Petersburg, Mosaiq club
20160602 Live/Dj Eargoggle, Suicide Circus (
Cases of Madness)
20160715 Dj Iceland, Reykjavik.
20160910 Live Eargoggle Liège, Luik
20161001 DJ Eargoggle, Revolver Oslo
20161007 Dj Eargoggle Hamburg, Golem TBC
20161006 DATAMAGI Electro club Gothenburg.

20151128 DJ. Luke Eargoggle, Leipzig, Klubbnacht & Young Shields

20150911 Live: Luke Eargoggle / Berlin. Dj Overdose. Talking machines

20151031 Dj Luke Eargoggle / Höga Nord Labelnight. Gothenburg

20151009 Dj: Luke Eargoggle, Momenth. Under Bron Stockholm

20150930 Dj: Luke Eargoggle / Datafolk. Järntorget. FOLK

20150710 Live Luke Eargoggle / Gagnef Festivalen Skankaloss

20150707 Live Luke Eargoggle / Batofar Paris

20050211 DJ: Luke Eargoggle at Fest-i-valen, Norrköping, Sweden

20050225 Stilleben Electro Night Gothenburg, Location T.B.A

20050226 Stilleben Electro Night Oslo, Norway, Location T.B.A

LIVE: VCS2600 (Finland)
LIVE: Luke Eargoggle
LIVE: Johan Inkinen
DJ: Volfram ( Masthugget )
DJ: Robin ( Norway )

20041222 DJ: Rutherford vs. Johan Inkinen at Östhundra, Stockholm, Sweden
Open 22.00 - 03.00

20041222 Warmupparty at SVAJ, Stockholm, Sweden. Joseph Garber and Rutherford
Open 18.00 - 21.00.

20041218 LIVE: Eargoggle at Zuidwal, Bunker night in Den Haag, Holland

20041217 LIVE: Eargoggle at Recycle, Bunker night in Brussels, Belgium

20041210 LIVE: Rutherford at Moskow Diskow, Malmö, Sweden

20041202 DJ: Rutherford at Robot/ici, Gothenburg, Sweden

20041127 DJ: Eargoggle at Uppåt/Framåt, Gothenburg, Sweden

20041120 DJ: Rutherford at Café Publik, Gothenburg, Sweden
Afternoon chill, 3 pm - 6 pm

20040730/31 FSTVL, Pustervik, Gothenburg - Sweden
LIVE: RUTHERFORD (Stilleben, Créme)
DJ: LUKE EARGOGGLE (Stilleben, Bunker)
DJ: SNE (Kentaurracing / Stilleben )
LIVE: PORN SWORD TOBACCO (City Centre Offices)
DJ: ROBERT LEINER (R&S,H-Productions)
LIVE: ANDERS ILAR (Shitkatapult/Plong/AudioNL/Pinesky)
DJ: Combinetor (Zavod Kubik)
LIVE: Claudia Bonarelli (Mitek)
LIVE: Johan Skugge (Mitek)
LIVE: Folie (Mitek)
DJ: David (LKTRD)
DJ: Hansel (LKTRD)
DJ: Kristus

20040723 LIVE: EARGOGGLE, Blenda Sommarklubb; Storan, Gothenburg - Sweden

20040715 LIVE: EARGOGGLE(Stilleben/Bunker), BOGDAN RACZYNSKI (Rephlex), PUZZLEWEASEL (Tigerbeat6)
Källaren Diana, Gamla Stan, Stockholm - Sweden
More info: www.lardrecords.com

20040715 DJ-SET: RUTHERFORD Somewhere in Karlshamn - Sweden

20040717 DJ-SET: RUTHERFORD Arvika - Sweden

20040709 DJ-SET: EARGOGGLAZ vs. SNEONE, Pustervik, Gothenburg - Sweden



20040526 DJ VOLFRAM + DJ KRISTUS...LIVE: 8TUNNEL2 + EARGOGGLE @ KOOLAID Henriksberg, Gothenburg - Sweden.

20040516 LIVE: EARGOGGLE @ Fabriken, Oslo - Norway

20040423 LIVE: Rutherford @ Sync24, Bommens Salonger, Gothenburg - Sweden

20040411 LIVE: L. Eargoggle, Dj: Frigobox and more Brussels, Belgium.

20040410 LIVE: L. Eargoggle, Poladroid DJ: Frigobox, Hyperkut @ MONOPHONIKNamur, Belgium

20040409 LIVE: L. Eargoggle DJ: Daryl Frigobox @ BOUPS Internet Radio Show

20040407 LIVE: Inkinen, Dj: Orange + Rutherford@ Klubb Koolaid, Henriksberg, Gothenburg - Sweden.

20040326 LIVE: MONKEYSHOP @ Klubb Robot, Järntorget 4, Gothenburg - Sweden.

20040320 DJ: L. Eargoggle @ Musikens Hus, Gothenburg more info: Musikens Hus

20040312 LIVE L. Eargoggle< : @ Klubb Moscow Disco, St gertrudsg 4, Malmö - Sweden.

20040227 DJ-set: L. Eargoggle, Malmö - Sweden.

20040214 LIVE: CATNIP ( Eargoggle + Legowelt ), Bergen, Norway (www.bylarm.no)

20040212 "RoMaNcE iS tHe PaNtHeR" @ COCADISCO, LONDON
A Valentine´s special with Luke Eargoggle at the decks. Making you shiver.....and shake

20040211 DJ-set: L. Eargoggle. LONDON. Location

20040125 DJ-set: Rutherford @ LKTRD, Gothenburg - Sweden

LIVE: L. Eargoggle, LIVE: Rutherford, DJ: VOLFRAM

Location: Ric´s Boat, Quai des Péniches 1000, Bruxelles, Belgium

20031105 Stillebenparty @ Henriksberg, Gothenburg, Sweden
Rutherford, Eargoggle and Volfram slides like eightlegged foxes, in the night

20031031 L. Eargoggle LIVE Stockholm, Sweden.

20031010 KULTURNATTA @ KLUBB ROBOT, Järntorget, Gothenburg, Sweden
L. Eargoggle LIVE. Wielding the Mpc like a battleaxe in this night of lost souls.

20031008 STILLEBENPARTY @ Henriksberg, Gothenburg, Sweden

20030927 L.Eargoggle LIVE, Bangkok Impact LIVE, Orgue Electronique LIVE,  DJ TLR, DJ Schmerzlabor
Location: Batofar, Paris, France

20030912 Live: Rutherford @Club Robot, Gothenburg, Sweden

20030828 - 20030912 U.s. Tour
Live: L. Eargoggle (stilleben/bunker)
Live: Magas (Ersatz Audio)
Dj Enden (www.kentaurracing.com)
Dj Eargoggle
+ local dj´s at each party.
28th NYC
29th NYC
30th Boston
31st Providence
1st Washington DC
2nd Chapel Hill
3rd Columbus
4th Cleveland
5th Detroit
6th Chicago
8th Minneapolis
9th Milwaukee
11th Cleveland
12th NYC

20030831 Stilleben LIVE @ Distroclub, Gothenburg, Sweden
Volfram and Rutherford connected some electronic machines for an afternoon teaparty.

20030725 L. Eargoggel Dj-set @ Club Robot, Stars&Bars, Gothenburg, Sweden

20030704 L. Eargoggle LIVE @ KillYourEgo, Oslo , Norway
20030702 Monkeyshop LIVE @ Henriksberg, Gothenburg, Sweden
With Volfram and friends on the decks. A night to remember

20030524 Monkeyshop + Eargoggle LIVE @ Antwerp, Belgium
20030523 Monkeyshop LIVE @ WWVF,Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
20030514 StillebenParty @ Henriksberg, Gothenburg, Sweden
20030430 L. Eargoggle Dj-set @ RioRio, Gothenburg, Sweden
20030424 L. Eargoggle Dj-set @ Klubb IDEAL, Gothenburg, Sweden
20030411 L. Eargoggle Live @ EKKO-fest, Bergen, Norway
20030330 Rutherford Dj-set @ Club Elektråd, Gothenburg, Sweden
20030313 L. Eargoggle Live @ IDEAL FESTIVAL, Nefertiti, Gothenburg, Sweden
030307 L. Eargoggle DJ-set + 8 tunnel 2 Live @ Frölunda Kulturhus, Gothenburg, Sweden
030220 L. Eargoggle LIVE Oslo, Norway
021229 LIVE: Rutherford DJ's: Volfram, 02@Elektråd, Pusterviksbaren, Gothenburg
021227 Alpha Centauri, Röda Sten, Gothenburg
Eargoggle and StressAssassin teamed up for a soothing 8 hour chillout dj-set.

021212 220v, Gaslab TU Campus, Eindhoven, Holland
LIVE: L. Eargoggle

023011 CLUBTERROR Brussels, Belgium.
LIVE: L. Eargoggle

021124 Elektråd, Pusterviksbaren, Gothenburg
Dj´s: End (Kentaur), 02
Live: Erase (electromechanix)

021116 SOLARIS @ G.A Skytte, Gothenburg.
Dj´s: Rutherford, Erase

021110 STILLEBEN/CRÈME PARTY! Elektråd, Pusterviksbaren, Gothenburg.

Dj´s: TLR (NL), Rutherford (S)
LIVE: 8 BIT ROCKERS (FIN), YourPyramid (S), Orgue Electronique (NL)

021028 ROXY@Pusterviksbaren Gothenburg
LIVE: L. Eargoggle
MOVIES: wildstyle, stylewars

021027 Elektråd, Pusterviksbaren, Gothenburg. <<REVIEW
LIVE: StressAssassin.
Dj´s: Volfram, Eargoggle

021018 FanClub
Location: Nefertiti, Gothenburg
Dj´s: L. Eargoggle, Erase, Length

020926 Elektråd
Location: pusterviksbaren, Gothenburg
YourPyramid ( live ), Dj´s: Volfram + Eargoggle

020823 Futuredrome
Rutherford & Luke Eargoggle (DJ-set)

020810 Sky´s gone out for lunch
Location: Pusterviksbaren, Gothenburg
Luke Eargoggle (DJ-set)

020705 Dinamo Dvash, Tel Aviv, Israel
Luke Eargoggle (Live)

020711 Arvikafestivalen
Luke Eargoggle (DJ-set)

020418 Embassy
Location: Cronan, Gothenburg.
Live: Catnip. DJ’s: Rico, Toni & Mackan.
020417 Stalker Party
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
DJ-set: Legowelt vs. Eargoggle.
020327 Stalker Party
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
Live: Eargoggle. DJ: Enden.
020315 Kommando 6 release party
Location: Victor, Augsburg, Germany.
Live: Eargoggle, Tec Roc. DJ’s: Bloody & Greg Gravity.
020227 Stalker Party
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
Live: Stress Assassin.
020130 Tele<>Tele
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
DJ´s: garber, orange, eargoggle & rutherford.
011226 Julfest
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
DJs: Sne & Lomo. Live: Eargoggle
011215 Blitz
Location: Oslo, Norway
Dj´s: Eargoggle, TLR, Rutherford

011214 Sikamikanico
Location: Oslo.
DJs: Eargoggle, mr Clavio & TLR
011212 Electronic Lucia Party
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
DJs: Caspar & TLR
011128 Stalkers Party
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
Live: List
DJs: Rend & Rutherford.
011124 KV Party
Location: Sandarna, Gothenburg.
DJs: Eargoggle & Rutherford + more...
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
DJ: Erase.
011114 Somersault Party
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
DJs: Lomo, Sne & Rend.
011031 Sommersault Party
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
DJs: Enden & Dafidth.
011017Stalkers Night
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
DJs: Daniel Pertovt DeLight & Rutherford.
010926 Dice Party
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
Live: Eva-LenaDJs: Stalkers.
010912 Somersault
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
Live: RendDJ’s: Enden & Dany Da Vato.
010901 Semi Final
Location: Helsinki, Finland.
Live: Luke Eargoggle.
010831 Club Telex:
Location: Tampere, Finland. 
Live: Luke Eargoggle.
010829 Somersault
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg. 
Live: Dr.Walker. DJ: Rutherford.
010815 Somersault
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
Live: RendDJ: j.holm.
010808 Somersault - Svenska Brudar Tour
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg
Liveacts (canceled): Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique. DJ: Erase.
010725 Somersault
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Live: CozmopolisDJ: Khim.
010711 Somersault
Location: Henriksberg, Gothenburg. 
Live: 8tunnel2 DJ: Enden.
010704 Somersault
Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
DJ´s: Yim & Rutherford.
010629 I-O-Inc Party
Muhren, Stockholm.
Liveacts: Luke Eargoggle, Rutherford. DJ’s: Cynthia Stern & Joseph Garber.
010627 Costume Party!!!
Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
DJ’s: Cynthia Stern, Rutherford & Sne One.
Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
010525 – 010530 Prokult Festival:
Röda Sten, Gothenburg.
DJ’s from Stilleben, Pinesky, Pausrec and I-O-Inc + much more.
Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
DJ’s: Rutherford & Eargoggle.
Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
Live: Luke Eargoggle DJ’s:  Eim & Enden.
010502 Vaaghuyzen, Amsterdam.
Live: Luke Eargoggle Live + Xerox Crew & Stijn.


010503 Zuidwal, Den Haag.
Live: Luke Eargoggle.
Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
Live: Cozmopolis vs. Kristus DJ’s:  Khim, Sne & Lomo.
010411 Bad Acid - No Such Thing – part 4 -
Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
Live: Göteborgska Elektroprojektet DJ’s: Rutherford & Orange.
Muhren, Stockholm.
Live: Legowelt & Orgue Electronique Dj’s:  Cynthia Stern & Joseph Garber.
Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
Live: Legowelt & Orgue Electronique DJ’s:  Au Pair & Sne.
Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
Live: Rutherford DJ’s:  Lomo, Eim & Sne.
Gothenburg. Liveacts: Cozmopolis feat. Kristus & Luke Eargoggle.
DJ’s:  Enden, Sne, Lomo, Rutherford & Eargoggle.
Henriksberg, Gothenburg.
Live: Cozmopolis feat. Kristus DJ’s: Lomo & L. Eargoggle.